Sunday, February 24, 2013

sweet chick

sweet chick
'for real... that was fast and delicious!' those were the exact words spoken by jack as we walked out of sweet chick tonight. a girlfriend of mine told me sweet chick was opening up a couple of weeks ago and i was stoked to try it out. it's quaint, they play saucy tunes and the food was all kinds of down home goodness. we had a couple of draft beers (the nut brown ale was particularly tasty) and a romaine salad with cornbread croutons to start. after we got our healthy greens out of the way, we jumped right in and ordered the mac and cheese and signature chicken & waffles. there's lots of good mac and cheese in this neighborhood but sweet chick uses nice plump shell pasta and the cheese sauce was smooth and creamy. and they do a ritz cracker crumble on top. seriously? yes, so yummy.  and then there was the main event. what set their chicken & waffles apart was the different options for the waffles. you can do  sweet, cheesy or savory.  we opted for the mushroom and rosemary waffles and smothered them with syrup and butter. such a naughty snack but oh, so worth it. i recommend you cut a bit of the waffle, slather on some of the chive butter, stack on a piece of chicken and then dunk the whole thing in the miniature bucket of syrup. note: keep napkins close 

sweet chick is warm, comfortable and will make you feel good from the inside out.  your belly will be very happy with you and you'll kind of feel like your sitting in your granny's kitchen. loved this spot, will definitely be back! 

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