Wednesday, May 15, 2013

el almacén

el almacén

you may have walked past this unassuming little green awning while strolling down driggs and never known what delicious aromas were waiting for you on the other side of the door...  i doubt it though because everyone and their mother knows this place is amazing and there's always and hour and a half wait when we try to sneak in on the weekends!  hence, jack and i are turning into blue plate special kind of folks.  who doesn't want to eat dinner at 6?  

whether you wait it out or catch an extremely late lunch, you're not going to be disappointed here.  you'll find an assorted mix of spanish inspired dishes like the paella and ceviche as well as dry aged steaks with bold sauces to accompany them.  we started with avocado fries (the best) and then worked our way into the grilled corn with chipotle mayo and cotija (mexican cheese) and a paella.  we finished up with the taco special, a tender short rib topped with some serious heat.    

el almacen is definitely a gem.  the interior is warm and comfortable, the servers are very friendly and the wine list is as pleasing to the palette as the dinner menu.  yes, they do deliver as well. 

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Sunday, April 28, 2013



i'm not generally one that's left speechless but during our meal at roman's, all i could do was close my eyes, savor what was on my palette and enjoy every last little bite.  we ordered a nice mix of everything on the menu and each course was as delectable as the one that came before it.  and surprise surprise, it's all being cranked out from a tucked away, laid back spot in fort greene called roman's.

chef david cooked for marlow & sons right here in williamsburg and then went and spent some time learning the ropes in italy.  trust me, you'll reap the benefits when you try his scratch made bread and pasta.  good thing he came back, brookyn's culinary scene is much better off with him here!  the menu at roman's has a plethora of farm to table starters, tender fresh-made pastas, sustainable meats and what's been called, 'brooklyn's best ice cream,' for dessert.  you won't find a ton of options on the menu but everything there is layered with robust flavors and the finest ingredients.

i have to tell you about my three favorites.  the tagliatelle with pancetta and ramps is the perfect way to start.  the sweet, garlicky ramps pair perfectly with the salty pancetta; you'll twirl through the plate in no time.  as for the entree, i can't remember the last time i had veal but since it was on special, we decided to give it a try.  i wasn't sure what to expect but after the first taste, my mouth was watering for more.  i don't know how chef david prepared it but on a flavor level, i would put this right up there with a leuger's steak.  i know; crazy, right?  it was that good though.  last but not certainly not least, chef david created a luxuriously velvety chocolate sorbet laced with salty deliciousness.  pair this with a few fresh strawberries and forget it, nothing better.

go soon, get there early don't be afraid to just order one of everything on the menu. no reservations here but they do take credit cards and the wait staff is extremely friendly and knowledgable.  enjoy~

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

cityfish, orlando


anyone that knows me knows that i can't say no to a lobster roll.  they are my absolute favorite!  while working in orlando, you can imagine how excited i was when one of my colleagues told me he had found a great spot for them.  i'll tell you all about it, here.

oh, and you know what else made my week?!  on my flight down to orlando from nyc, i happened to be on the same plane as eden grinshpan! you know, the girl that does, 'eden eats,' on foodtv?  in real life she really is tall, skinny and beautiful... with no make-up. and now that i think about it, the last time i flew into st. petersburg, i saw geoffrey zakarian at baggage claim.  i need to hang out in florida more often~

Sunday, March 24, 2013

marinated tofu & buckwheat noodles

i promise, i'm going to get back out there and into the restaurant scene this week! lately, i've just been quite the homebody and have enjoyed cozying up to the stove~

it seems like a lot of ingredients but this recipe shouldn't take you more than about 30 minutes to prepare.

Monday, March 4, 2013

cast iron lobster mac & cheese

cast iron lobster mac & cheese
you know how you pass some kind of gorgeous ingredient in the supermarket and you're suddenly inspired to make something with it? well, it happened to me this past weekend. there in front of me was a pound of gorgeous fresh shucked lobster meat so i felt the need to make my version of a delicious lobster mac. cast iron skillet and all, i went for it! recipe follows

Friday, March 1, 2013

seafood chowder at home

seafood chowder

i love good fresh chowder but was hesitant to tackle the fish stock part of it.  to make things a little easier (and faster), i did the stock last night, along with all of my chopping and dinner tonight was simple and quick. this is one of ina's recipes, i just added a little extra white wine and mixed in some old bay to give it a little more kick. serve along with a few slices of good crusty bread for dipping~

Sunday, February 24, 2013

sweet chick

sweet chick
'for real... that was fast and delicious!' those were the exact words spoken by jack as we walked out of sweet chick tonight. a girlfriend of mine told me sweet chick was opening up a couple of weeks ago and i was stoked to try it out. it's quaint, they play saucy tunes and the food was all kinds of down home goodness. we had a couple of draft beers (the nut brown ale was particularly tasty) and a romaine salad with cornbread croutons to start. after we got our healthy greens out of the way, we jumped right in and ordered the mac and cheese and signature chicken & waffles. there's lots of good mac and cheese in this neighborhood but sweet chick uses nice plump shell pasta and the cheese sauce was smooth and creamy. and they do a ritz cracker crumble on top. seriously? yes, so yummy.  and then there was the main event. what set their chicken & waffles apart was the different options for the waffles. you can do  sweet, cheesy or savory.  we opted for the mushroom and rosemary waffles and smothered them with syrup and butter. such a naughty snack but oh, so worth it. i recommend you cut a bit of the waffle, slather on some of the chive butter, stack on a piece of chicken and then dunk the whole thing in the miniature bucket of syrup. note: keep napkins close 

sweet chick is warm, comfortable and will make you feel good from the inside out.  your belly will be very happy with you and you'll kind of feel like your sitting in your granny's kitchen. loved this spot, will definitely be back! 

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we had a group of nearly 20 for a good friend's birthday last night at station. it proved to be a very cozy spot for dinner and although small, did a great job of hosting such a large party. 

station is situated right next to the bedford subway stop and has a warm, very comfortable ambiance. a charming little feature i noticed was the way the cocktail menus were inserted into old bound books.  at first i thought the book was a serious wine list but quickly realized, rather, it was a conversation piece to chat over while perusing the list. the aperol spritzers and old fashion cocktails were among the favorites.  everyone loved the rock candy that was used as a stirrer in the old fashions, such a cute idea!

as for starters and mains, the mussels and burger were the two items everyone seemed to enjoy most.  the broth for the mussels was garlicky and smooth, perfect for being soaked up with a crusty piece of bread.  we also loved the nutella crepes for dessert. they were served warm with chopped hazelnuts and i thought it made for a perfect combo of crunch and richness.

the menu here transitions with the seasons so be on the lookout for new items each time you go.  and enjoy the scene of the open kitchen! i love places where you can see your meal prepared right in front of you.  all in all, station is a great new staple for the 'burg-

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

savory spice, st. petersburg

savory spice
my goodness, it feels like ages since i've posted here... i've been quite the busy girl these past few weeks; work's been a bit on the manic side, we've been on a couple of ski trips and our latest travel plans landed us down here in st. petersburg, florida to visit jack's parents. i will be back in brooklyn soon enough though! and there are plenty of new restaurants on my list!  more on that soon-
for now, back to this little gem of a store in st. petersburg. i knew there had been a bustling art scene here for some time and i think foodies are now finding their place here as well.  in addition to the local saturday farmer's market, i fell in love with an adorable little shop called savory spice.  check out the link and go to the travel page to read more about it. it's a must see if you're in the neighborhood!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

i have arrived... cookin' with my new le creuset

beef shanks in red wine sauce

yep, it was everything they said it would be... i was able to scrape the brown bits off the bottom of the pot and save the flavor without the bitterness of a burn and clean up couldn't have been simpler... it just made me happy! my dearest gifted me a 5 qt. marseille le creuset braiser for christmas and i did a delicious beef shank sauce in it this past weekend. i found the recipe in food & wine and liked it because it was pretty simple and straight forward. it was great for a small dinner party too. there were four of us and there was plenty to go around; be sure to serve the dish at the table so your guests can soak up all of the delicious sauce with hunks of bread once their plate has been cleaned : )

Saturday, January 5, 2013

a taste of thailand, siam rice cooking school

siam rice thai cookery school

who would have thought that this white girl from ohio could actually make a decent curry? well, not on my own but it was pretty delicious! jack and i did a day at the siam rice thai cookery school in chiang mai, thailand and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves : ) check out the travel page for full details~

Thursday, December 20, 2012



you'd be surprised at how many people can dine in a 300 square foot space. i certainly was when i strolled into saltie today. i'd heard it was a great lunch spot so on my first day off before christmas, i decided to check it out.

the seats and benches that lined the perimeter of the very modest 'dining room,' were filled with hipsters and foodies alike. i secretly loved the layout because i could check out what they had  ordered without appearing too nosy : ) when it was my turn, i had to go for the special; egg/rice bowl with veggies, topped with an earthy mole type sauce and spriggy onions. it only took them a few minutes to whip it up and after that i found myself a cozy stool on the window. rice and veggies seems like a very basic dish but the fresh, bold flavors cooked into it made it absolutely delicious. i will definitely be back to dive into one of the specialty sandwiches soon! that's the bummer about dining alone, eating one dish isn't nearly as fun as sharing several!

although saltie had their own delicious looking pastries, after i finished my lunch, i went next store to get dessert from a hip little bake shop called milk.  i typically love the crack pie but today i opted for a compost cookie.  think tate's but richer and more flavor packed. 

not a bad first day of vacation : )

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*special feature - NoMad, nyc*


you know as well as i do, there are tons of reviews out there for restaurants in manhattan (which is why i typically stick to williamsburg). i had a special experience at nomad this week though. the ambiance, service and most important, the sumptuous flavors in the food, made for an unforgettable evening. we kicked things off in the library. it's a very intimate feeling space having books that line the walls and overstuffed lounge chairs and sofas in plush fabrics. it's tucked at the back of the restaurant and you get there by walking through the main dining room and past the bar proper. after you've soaked in the rich colors of the leather bound books and grandious feeling of the double height ceiling, you'll notice the cocktail menu is quite extensive. after tasting a few that had gone around, i can say each was as the delicious as the one prior. my favorite being the headless horseman, in case you're looking for a suggestion.

we were fortunate enough to dine with someone who actually works at nomad so as you can imagine, the amount of food we were able to sample was incredible. being with good friends, we all decided we'd share everything and i was glad we did! before our starters, a decadent fruit de mer was sent out. each bite contained an oyster, succulent piece of lobster or taste of crab. it was the perfect introduction to the meal. after that, we ordered the tagliatelle, bone marrow, cauliflower and tuna tartare. there's a soft spot in my belly for pasta so i'd have to say the tagliatelle was my favorite. the scratch made noodles had been rolled thin to perfection; there's really nothing like good fresh pasta. the marrow was also surprisingly bold. it was done almost like a sausage stuffing but had much richer flavor and just required a taste before your eyes do that thing where they sink a little and then roll to one side (yes, that good).

next, we were onto the entrees. i had heard so many amazing things about the chicken (i recall it won a best of year award from esquire magazine), i pleaded with the group to get one for the table. all were in agreement, it was a must have. this special dish is actually presented to you whole before they carve it for serving. upon sight, you kind of think, ok, it's a chicken with lots of pretty garnishes. when you taste your first piece though, you realize this is something special. they somehow bake all of the luxurious, rich flavors underneath the skin and keep the insides of the breast perfectly tender and juicy. i know ordering chicken doesn't sound like the most exciting thing to do but trust me, you've never had chicken prepared the nomad way. they even serve up the dark meat in a gravy type sauce delivered in its own mini cast iron dish. i can even talk about the other entrees after describing the chicken. we had duck and warm lobster and don't get me wrong, they were great but the chicken was on a whole separate level.

we had definitely had our fill after we finished the entrees. we perused the dessert menu and thought we'd just share one for the table. subsequently six desserts showed up. delight : ) my two favorites were the milk and honey and the warm brioche and pear but you can't go wrong with any of them.

the real treat came at the end of the meal when we got to go downstairs and see the kitchen. i was amazed at how immaculate and efficient the space was. you could tell each soldier had their mission as tasks were being carried out in militant fashion. they had a prep station for salads, sides and room service for the hotel, a pastry station and just four guys cooking on the range to crank out everyone's entrees. it was clear this team has a passion for what's coming out of their kitchen. i also loved seeing the prized truffle resting in it's own glass jar atop a pile of risotto. maybe next time i'll get to sample a little of that too ; )

what an enjoyable experience, every moment and touchpoint was well thought out and delicious. brian and cc especially, thank you and happy holidays!!!

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Sunday, December 2, 2012



if you're looking for authentic, peruvian cuisine (or just a good ceviche and lomo), look no further than chimu, located over on union avenue. jack's cousin came out to williamsburg to visit with us for the day and being that his family is from peru, we thought we'd give chimu a try. i knew we'd picked a winner after watching both of them peruse the menu. the staples reminded them of family recipes and old memories.

we started with ceviche. it was a good, lime cured version that was perfectly tart and had a colorful mix of vegetables, yuca and potatoes. the juice was so delicious i wound up drizzling it all over the rest of my meal!

after the ceviche, we shared a jalea (fried, mixed seafood) and a grilled skirt steak with rice and beans.  i'm not generally a huge fan of fried foods but their batter was light and not greasy at all. the shrimp, oysters, calamari, crab legs and fish were perfectly tender and seasoned ever so slightly.

and to finish off the meal, we shared a few picarones doused in sweet syrup. sinful, really; they were just sinful.

the exterior and decor is very minimal and sleek. go for the food though and be sure you have a big appetite!

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Sunday, November 18, 2012



we're not usually ones to make reservations but it was high time we tried traif.  i've been hearing great things about it since it opened but the past couple of times we'd stopped by for dinner, the wait was out the door. so, i finally bit the bullet, made a reservation and invited a few close friends to enjoy the experience with me.

at first view of the menu, i was reminded of alta, the great tapas restaurant in the west village. there was a sampling of cuisine from all over and the waitress recommended sharing a number of items for the table. fair warning, it's hard to ignore your gut when it begs you to get crazy and just order one of everything... we restrained though and settled for eight of the small plates and 4 of the more robust dishes.  it was the right amount for six people; that paired with cocktails and bacon covered donuts for dessert, we were definitely content when we were finished.

we started with roasted brussels sprouts, a roasted carrot and sunflower seed salad, seared scallops and salt & pepper shrimp. the dishes flavors didn't in any way tie together, other than the fact that they were all incredibly delicious. the portions weren't large but when each bite explodes with flavor, all you really need is a taste.

we moved on to my personal favorite; the sauteed broccoli rabe with portobella-truffle toast, a fried egg and parmesan on top. i'm telling you, this one dish will make your night, don't skip it! after that, we indulged in pork cheeks in a creamy polenta (who knew i liked these?), strawberry glazed baby back ribs, quail served atop biscuits with bacon gravy and short rib sliders served with sweet potato fries and a spicy chipotle sauce.

the menu rotates relatively frequently but regardless when you go, i'm sure you won't be disappointed.  we were surprised at how reasonable the cost was as well.  we had a six-top table and ordered two bottles of wine as well as a few cocktails and paid $65 per person. the service was warm and friendly, the atmosphere was laid back and comfortable and most importantly, the food was spot on. love, love, love traif.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

antica pesa

antica pesa

yes, these guys get style points! i checked out antica pesa with a girlfriend of mine last night and really enjoyed the experience.  we were surprised at how 'soho,' it felt. it's on a relatively quiet block on berry street and from the outside, you wouldn't get the sense that a warm, sexy space greets you on the other side of the door. cinder block walls enveloped the dining room but sleek, modern furniture and architectural detailing were apparent throughout. they had soft banquette seating at the front of the restaurant and the dining tables were broken up with a statement fireplace and grand scaled lounge furniture to keep you comfortable while you wait to be seated. i may have to go back for the sake of trying the food again. my pasta was a bit doughy and our bread unfortunately wasn't fresh. the service was great though, the waiters were very attentive and helpful on menu recommendations. i'll keep you posted after i give it another go : )

Thursday, November 8, 2012

spicy three bean chili

since 'miss sandy,' has finally made her way out of the northeast, i felt like it was time to get back into the kitchen and make a nice warm meal. and since we had snow on the ground for the first time this morning, a big pot of chili seemed to fit the bill~

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

frankie & johnny's

franky & johnny's
can you say lobster purse? yes, that's right. wonton wrappers stuffed with lobster, marscarpone cheese and truffle oil. this was one of those bites that makes your eyes roll to the back of your head; it was so delicious and fresh! the rest of the details for this meal are on the travel page, toggle over and have a look~

Saturday, October 27, 2012

gwynnett st.

gwynnett st.

when you peruse the menu, don't try to decipher what your dish is going to look or taste like. that's what's most fun about this restaurant. you probably won't be able to tell what flavors make up your meal, you'll just know that it's delicious and unlike anything you've experienced. love, love the interesting combinations here and laid back atmosphere.

gwynnett st. lives on an unassuming block near the graham stop in williamsburg. from the outside, you'd think you were just walking into a cozy, tucked away restaurant but what awaits inside is pure culinary deliciousness. after you order a fancy cocktail or bottle of wine, get your meal started with the whiskey bread. it kind of reminds me of the warm scratch-made biscuits my grandmother used to make but this bread has subtle hints of whiskey and comes with creamy butter to slather on top.  maybe you should get two orders, just to be safe...

next we did mushrooms and the autumn roots appetizer. both looked incredibly simple when they arrived at the table but had layers of flavor that seemed to get more interesting the further in we dove.

i ordered the trout for my entree. it was tender and delicious but the duck that a friend of mine ordered was the star of the show. it was perfectly cooked and served atop pureed vegetables of which i can't say that i even know how to pronounce. 

dessert was a whole process in itself. again, what arrived at the table seemed relatively simple but the flavor combinations were surprising and well thought out. paired with a finger of fernet, dessert may have been my favorite part of the meal.

at gwynnett st. you can walk in and select anything off the menu and have a truly unique dining experience. be sure to make reservations though, after esquire named this place one of the best new restaurants of 2012, tables became even trickier to come by. 

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Friday, October 12, 2012

cacciatore au vin

cacciatore au vin

i found a chicken cacciatore recipe i wanted to try and realized that adding wine and reducing the sauce at the end of the cooking process made the sauce extra delicious.  hence, the lengthy title. this dish is great reheated the next day but don't be surprised if there are no leftovers : )

Sunday, October 7, 2012


in their own words, fabbrica's concept is, 'embodied in a cuisine that combines the creativity of contemporary culinary sensibilities with the powerful draw of classic italian dishes. what i loved was the modern menu and industrial ambiance. a common theme we've seen lately are restaurateurs throwing back to the 20's and 30's and creating a vintage vibe. owner alberto baudo has gone in the complete opposite direction though. he maintained the high, loft like ceilings and raw flooring to evoke the feeling of a factory, (paying homage to williamburg's historical context) and he made it sexy and modern. large scale artwork covers the walls, aluminum wired light fixtures hang from the ceiling and hip indie tunes flutter through the air.

the space is divided by a grand floor to ceiling wine storage piece and a large, u-shaped bar with seating for 20 or so. plenty of room to gather with friends or grab a quick drink after hopping off the ferry. you'll also notice standing height tables between the bar and dining room.  they serve as a great place to chat with friends or say hello to fellow neighbors. the bar and community tables are casual, comfortable and have a great view of the open kitchen.

now to the food (after perusing the menu with a glass of sparkly prosseco in hand). we started with fabbrica's version of fresh burrata and their parmesan creme brulee. the burrata was served with seasoned crostini and savory roasted eggplant. the burrata was delicious but the parmesan creme brulee was like nothing i've had before. it was incredibly rich and creamy and was served on toasted flatbreads. next, we did a salmon dish and pasta with prosciutto. the salmon had that crispy texture around the edges and tender center. the pasta was the essence of italian comfort food to me. it was cheesy and full of flavor. if that weren't enough, we finished with a luscious tiramisu, topped with chocolate ganache.

we absolutely loved our first meal here and are looking forward to checking it out for early morning coffee and house-made pastries. stroll over and check it out, the guys at fabbrica have created a truly unique experience on the waterfront. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

la esquina mexican casserole

la esquina mexican casserole

yes, i said casserole but don't be nervous! there's no 'cream of,' anything in here. just keep reading-
it was sunday night and i was in one of those moods where i wanted to use up everything in the fridge so i could start fresh. what to do with all of the leftover salsa from la esquina?? make mexican casserole : ) the bones of this recipe came from a paula deen cookbook but don't worry, i left the butter out!

Monday, September 24, 2012

maison premiere

maison premiere
maison premiere; oyster house and cocktail den. doesn't that just sound like fun? it most definitely is! it's situated right on bedford avenue but once you step inside, you'll feel like you've transported to another place and time. waitresses sport pin-curled hairstyles and you'll find the boys pants are cuffed with suspenders holding them up and warm smiles on all their faces. the worn wood floors and rich color of the bar make the space feel deliciously comfortable and the design details make you feel like you've slipped into the french-quarter. there are plenty of industrial feeling architectural elements and dimly lit sconces that dot the walls. i can only imagine the search the interior designer went on to make this space feel as authentic as it does.

the front bar offers plenty of seating but make sure you get there early to actually snag one. this place fills up fast! you'll love the cocktail menu and take note of the absinthe varieties as well.  maison definitely gets my vote for best cocktails in the neighborhood.

the menu is quite impressive as well. with over 30 kinds of oysters, seafood lovers will be in heaven. the raw bar offering is quite impressive and they've also added a number of options to the dinner menu including crudo and small plates. 

i stopped in with friends this past sunday afternoon and we were seated in a cute little nook out back in the garden. we just did cocktails and a few snacks but thoroughly enjoyed the pleasant surroundings and interesting menus.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

rabbit hole

rabbit hole
had brunch at the cutest spot this morning. i'd passed by rabbit hole quite a few times but had never eaten there. my girlfriend, gina, recommended we give it a shot so we made our way over to the south side at noon today. from the street, you'd never guess that there's a full bar, adorably decorated vintage dining space and garden tucked inside. i saw tattooed servers, lots of fun cursive graphics and fell in love : )

the menu's french inspired so i went with an omelet with mushrooms, morbier cheese and fresh thyme. the omelet was good but what i really enjoyed were the crispy potatoes that went alongside. i'm a firm believer that fresh herbs can make a dish and these potatoes were loaded up with them. gina did a frittata with brioche toast and it looked equally as good. bubbly on the inside with a nice, crispy edge, the cast iron skillet made for quite a presentation.  

the pastries here are supposed to be delicious as well and the dinner menu looks dangerously good. i'll definitely be making my way back to rabbit hole soon!

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Sunday, September 16, 2012


i'm sorry my photography doesn't do reynards justice but know that the dim ambiance and candlelit tabletops are part of the charm of this hip restaurant in the wythe hotel. normally i'd just use my flash to get a proper shot but given the vibe at reynards, i really didn't want to be the foodie dork in the corner snapping pics of my food...  read on though-

we'd been to the roofdeck for drinks at the wythe but were dying to try the restaurant. we're not so good about making reservations so we'd popped in a few times with no luck of getting a table but thursday was our lucky night! we sat in the bar area of the restaurant but loved it because it feels incredibly grandiose. they managed to keep the industrial lofted ceilings and exposed brick walls but softened the space with white carerra marble tabletops and warm dropped pendant lighting. i would have been happy having dinner at the bar but we were lucky enough to snag a romantic table tucked near a window.

two thumbs up for service here. we've been to plenty of new restaurants in the hood where the waitstaff can be a little snooty but that wasn't the case at reynards. a full pouted, very friendly girl in an adorable flowered shift dress waited on us and she genuinely seemed passionate about the food and cocktails. we noticed that the menu seemed a bit limited but once we heard the specials, there was no question what we were going to order. we started with warm olives and beef carpaccio (served with an interesting and delicious mix of fresh herbs). then jack did an albacore dish for his main and i ordered the halibut off the list of specials. oh, it was heavenly. served with clams, roasted potatoes and these crusty croutons that had been soaking in the dish's juices... wow, thank you mr. chef, i thoroughly enjoyed it!

we had just a bit of a sweet tooth leftover after we'd eaten so we decided to try the mast brother's chocolate sorbet. it just took a bite of the rich, coffee-like sorbet to satiate our appetite. 

looking forward to planning ahead and having dinner in the main dining room soon.  until then though, i'd definitely recommend you check reynards out for yourself~

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

just passing through mystic

oyster club
on a recent trip to rhode island, we stopped in mystic, connecticut, to grab a bite and found ourselves licking our plates and savoring our last few bites when we had finished.  it was late on a friday night and we were hoping for a few oysters and some white wine but found the menu at oyster club entirely too interesting to not venture out and try a few of the other dishes. more details on the travel page~

Thursday, September 6, 2012



diggin' this cozy little spot on driggs and north 8th.  we stopped in on labor day and clearly everyone was still driving back from their last few precious days of summer; we just about had the place to ourselves... we had been in vacation mode the whole weekend as well so we were looking for something light and refreshing. 

from the outside, fada looks a bit like a french cafe. warm, soft lighting with lots of vintage mirrors and small marble topped tables. we were intrigued and were further drawn in when we noticed the sign outside that said, 'garden is open.' garden with a kale salad special? done.

we were greeted by a friendly server who showed us to the garden in the back. it's very quaint and intimate, perfect for a romantic date. the menu had a mix of classic french dishes and seafood staples. we settled on tuna tartare for our appetizer, then i did the kale salad special and jack had a roasted beet and goat cheese salad. my kale salad was very lightly dressed with an unassuming Caesar (just the way i like it) and was topped with big, crusty croutons. we'll definitely go back when we have more of an appetite and try some of the heartier dishes.  the prices were fair and the atmosphere was very laid back and relaxed, definitely worth a try!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

crispy parmesan chicken w/ fresh jersey herbs

crispy parmesan chicken w/ fresh jersey herbs
this is one of martha's weeknight recipes but you can vary the flavor by incorporating fresh herbs of your choice.  i added the last of mine brought back from the beach to give an earthy flavor. i chopped up thyme, rosemary, a little mint and some oregano. the parmesan and panko crisped up nicely and i just roasted some mushrooms and brussels sprouts to round out the meal~

Sunday, September 2, 2012

five leaves

five leaves
we checked out five leaves last night and thoroughly enjoyed the brasserie type hipster cafe. we got there a little before 8 and had about a half hour wait ahead of us.  no biggie, we just went up to the bar and ordered a few warsaw mule's. the artisinal cocktails definitely have a place here. ours was similar to a moscow mule but just a little lighter and more refreshing. we were off to a good start-

petite white marble tables line the perimeter of the restaurant  and make it feel nice and cozy. we sat just a few inches from our neighbors but the old school soulful tunes spinning on the record player thumped in the background and served as perfect white noise.  after taking in the vibe for a bit, we ordered a few glasses of rose and started with mussels, truffle fries and a house made ricotta. holy truffle goodness! i thought i'd be able to exercise a little self restraint and just have a few but i failed miserably.  the fries were perfectly crispy and even more tasty when dunked in the saffron-coconut mussel broth. we loved the ricotta too. it had a lemony zest and was infused with figs and fresh thyme. 

we could have stopped after the starters but shortly after we cleared our plates our mains arrived. i had done the diver scallop special and jack had the five leaves signature burger. the combination of ingredients was genius. they topped the grass fed beef with a fried pineapple ring, house pickled beets, harissa mayo and an organic sunny up egg. 

over the course of our dinner the tatted up crowd ebbed and flowed and the tunes kept smiles on faces and heads bobbing. everything that made its way out of the kitchen smelled incredible and after having dinner here you know why there's a constant crowd hanging on the corner of bedford and lorimer waiting for a table. they don't take reservations so be sure to get there early! 

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

st. anselm

st. anselm
love, love, love! we checked out this tucked away little steak house last night and i can't say enough good things about it.  the vibe was laid back and casual but the guys in the kitchen could seriously throw down! everything we ordered was steeped in deep flavor and had an earthiness that only comes from the freshest ingredients.  

don't expect white linens and fancy china at st. anselm, that's not what they're about. you'll be eating on humble wood top tables and it may be a little too warm because the open kitchen is just a few feet away from where you're sitting.  it's all a part of the ambiance though and i assure you, you'll fall in love with it.  

we started with a grilled haloumi salad. i loved the brininess of the cheese combined with the pungent tang of fresh greens.  it was simple and they really celebrated the natural flavor of each of the components in the dish. for our mains, we did one of the signature steaks and bobo's chicken. i wouldn't normally do chicken at a steak place but this was seriously the best chicken i've tasted. the full body was served and it kind of looked like it was staring at me... slightly odd but i got over that very quickly after my first bite. it was moist, succulent and had a crispy skin to top it off. i don't know how they cooked this thing but kudos to the guys in the kitchen, it was top notch! as if we didn't have enough in front of us, we decided an order of the pan fried truffle mashed potatoes would be nice. wow, were they! crispy outside with a velvety smooth mash in the middle, ohh, do yourself a favor and give them a try.

last but not least, we finished up with a salted caramel pot de creme. ah-mazing.  

thank you st. anselm, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal last night!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


sushi bombs and sake, anyone? yes? i've got a spot for you.  bozu is a cozy little japanese restaurant known for their extensive sake selection and infusions but just as popular for their creative take on a traditional roll; the sushi bomb.  

we were meeting our neighbor's new boyfriend for the first time this past weekend and wanted a spot that wasn't too stuffy and had an interesting menu.  bozu was a great choice! you know you're off to a good start when your sake's served in a square glass. the other 'ah-hah,' thing they do is serve you three choices of pre-wasabied soy sauce. genius, right? each had a little different intensity so everyone's happy- 

the sushi is of course very tasty but what sets bozu apart is the chef's original take on traditional japanese dishes. pork belly, mexican or spicy bombs and green tea thai flan are just a few things you may consider.  definitely do your taste buds a favor and treat your pocket book (it's not too expensive) and check out bozu for a fun night out~

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

good morning, sunshine

baked eggs & toast

we spent last weekend in new paltz and stayed at a cute little bed & breakfast called the arbor. nancy, the owner, was incredibly accommodating and was pretty impressive in the kitchen! i took a cue from her and made my own version of her baked eggs and served it with brooklyn's own blueberry preserves. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

fresh pico de gallo

pico de gallo

in the past month, i've been back and forth across the country, stopped in the middle a couple times, popped over to london and now finally landed myself back in sweet brooklyn.  it's monday night and without a ton of energy to whip up something fabulous, i went for simple and flavorful in my version of pico de gallo. i like mine spicy and chunky but you can play with the flavors and the dice sizes to suit your taste. this is great atop a bed of fresh spinach, fish tacos or served with a side of crispy tortilla chips.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

london 2012!

wow, such an incredible experience to get to see the olympians in london this year (amongst other silly things)! the brits were lovely, travel to and from the events was seamless and we even got to sneak a peak of william and kate at the tennis match in wimbledon. of course we snuck in a few tasty bites along the way as well : ) we did one upscale, fancy lunch in mayfair and our other favorite meal was at a proper english pub with friends near hampton court palace. details on the travel page~