Wednesday, May 15, 2013

el almacén

el almacén

you may have walked past this unassuming little green awning while strolling down driggs and never known what delicious aromas were waiting for you on the other side of the door...  i doubt it though because everyone and their mother knows this place is amazing and there's always and hour and a half wait when we try to sneak in on the weekends!  hence, jack and i are turning into blue plate special kind of folks.  who doesn't want to eat dinner at 6?  

whether you wait it out or catch an extremely late lunch, you're not going to be disappointed here.  you'll find an assorted mix of spanish inspired dishes like the paella and ceviche as well as dry aged steaks with bold sauces to accompany them.  we started with avocado fries (the best) and then worked our way into the grilled corn with chipotle mayo and cotija (mexican cheese) and a paella.  we finished up with the taco special, a tender short rib topped with some serious heat.    

el almacen is definitely a gem.  the interior is warm and comfortable, the servers are very friendly and the wine list is as pleasing to the palette as the dinner menu.  yes, they do deliver as well. 

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