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i'm not generally one that's left speechless but during our meal at roman's, all i could do was close my eyes, savor what was on my palette and enjoy every last little bite.  we ordered a nice mix of everything on the menu and each course was as delectable as the one that came before it.  and surprise surprise, it's all being cranked out from a tucked away, laid back spot in fort greene called roman's.

chef david cooked for marlow & sons right here in williamsburg and then went and spent some time learning the ropes in italy.  trust me, you'll reap the benefits when you try his scratch made bread and pasta.  good thing he came back, brookyn's culinary scene is much better off with him here!  the menu at roman's has a plethora of farm to table starters, tender fresh-made pastas, sustainable meats and what's been called, 'brooklyn's best ice cream,' for dessert.  you won't find a ton of options on the menu but everything there is layered with robust flavors and the finest ingredients.

i have to tell you about my three favorites.  the tagliatelle with pancetta and ramps is the perfect way to start.  the sweet, garlicky ramps pair perfectly with the salty pancetta; you'll twirl through the plate in no time.  as for the entree, i can't remember the last time i had veal but since it was on special, we decided to give it a try.  i wasn't sure what to expect but after the first taste, my mouth was watering for more.  i don't know how chef david prepared it but on a flavor level, i would put this right up there with a leuger's steak.  i know; crazy, right?  it was that good though.  last but not certainly not least, chef david created a luxuriously velvety chocolate sorbet laced with salty deliciousness.  pair this with a few fresh strawberries and forget it, nothing better.

go soon, get there early don't be afraid to just order one of everything on the menu. no reservations here but they do take credit cards and the wait staff is extremely friendly and knowledgable.  enjoy~

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