Thursday, December 20, 2012



you'd be surprised at how many people can dine in a 300 square foot space. i certainly was when i strolled into saltie today. i'd heard it was a great lunch spot so on my first day off before christmas, i decided to check it out.

the seats and benches that lined the perimeter of the very modest 'dining room,' were filled with hipsters and foodies alike. i secretly loved the layout because i could check out what they had  ordered without appearing too nosy : ) when it was my turn, i had to go for the special; egg/rice bowl with veggies, topped with an earthy mole type sauce and spriggy onions. it only took them a few minutes to whip it up and after that i found myself a cozy stool on the window. rice and veggies seems like a very basic dish but the fresh, bold flavors cooked into it made it absolutely delicious. i will definitely be back to dive into one of the specialty sandwiches soon! that's the bummer about dining alone, eating one dish isn't nearly as fun as sharing several!

although saltie had their own delicious looking pastries, after i finished my lunch, i went next store to get dessert from a hip little bake shop called milk.  i typically love the crack pie but today i opted for a compost cookie.  think tate's but richer and more flavor packed. 

not a bad first day of vacation : )

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