Sunday, December 2, 2012



if you're looking for authentic, peruvian cuisine (or just a good ceviche and lomo), look no further than chimu, located over on union avenue. jack's cousin came out to williamsburg to visit with us for the day and being that his family is from peru, we thought we'd give chimu a try. i knew we'd picked a winner after watching both of them peruse the menu. the staples reminded them of family recipes and old memories.

we started with ceviche. it was a good, lime cured version that was perfectly tart and had a colorful mix of vegetables, yuca and potatoes. the juice was so delicious i wound up drizzling it all over the rest of my meal!

after the ceviche, we shared a jalea (fried, mixed seafood) and a grilled skirt steak with rice and beans.  i'm not generally a huge fan of fried foods but their batter was light and not greasy at all. the shrimp, oysters, calamari, crab legs and fish were perfectly tender and seasoned ever so slightly.

and to finish off the meal, we shared a few picarones doused in sweet syrup. sinful, really; they were just sinful.

the exterior and decor is very minimal and sleek. go for the food though and be sure you have a big appetite!

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